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The Lineup
Carol and Chuck Stuart at their wedding.
Deadly Greed: Charles Stuart Killed His Wife and Their Unborn Child for the Insurance Money
The father-to-be shot his wife and then himself to make it look like a botched robbery-murder.
On October 23, 1989, Charles, often called “Chuck,” Stuart and his pregnant wife Carol were driving back from a birthing class in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston. That’s when a black gunman forced his way into their car and shot them. At least … according to Charles.
But what really happened that crisp autumn evening is far more chilling.
Charles Stuart, unhappy at the prospect of becoming a father, shot and killed his wife before shooting himself in the stomach—making it look like a botched robbery-murder.
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Deadly Greed
by Joe Sharkey
Joe Sharkey’s true crime book, Deadly Greed, chronicles the murder and the racial tensions that Charles Stuart caused in Boston during the investigation. The truth of what really happened would not be exposed until it was far too late for Charles and the rest of his family.
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Deadly Greed
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